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Build powerful, secure, and sustainable blockchain applications with industry's best blockchain development company. If your business needs transformation with blockchain technology, Classhose India can do it effectively.

Core Features Of Blockchain Technology

The technology of Blockchain utilizes the exemplar centralized architectures. These include: Block: This convenes the hashed group and encrypted data for valid transactions. Nowadays, multiple blocks are employed by various brands, where these blocks are interlinked with one another utilizing hash linking. Thus, every block is connected to the previous block and forms a chain. Chain: It offers you the ability to secure and store the data on numerous hardware simultaneously.

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Key Benefits Of Blockchain Development


This revolutionary technology can make your app safer with strengthened encryption. It employs advanced cryptography. As a professional blockchain development company, Classhose India builds decentralized data storage that gives excellent security and access controls to integrate data from variant sources and prevent unauthorized access.


The structure of Blockchain is highly robust. Thus, it makes the system secure against any crash or collapse. The servers of Blockchain and similar hardware have the nature to prevent the attempts of data alteration. We offer Reliable Blockchain development services that you can fully trust to build any type of application.


Sophisticated technology needs more money, effort, and time for modification, maintenance, and integration. Blockchain can offer you the upper hand to quickly develop a simple and cost-efficient approach for mobile app development. This technology can assist you in building feature-rich mobile apps at lower prices.


Blockchain is advancing in the market faster with the prominence of popular cryptocurrencies such as LiteCoin and Bitcoin. It means that you are choosing a technology that will be relevant and subject to significant improvements and updates. Get in touch with our Blockchain programmers.


Blockchain is progressing at a rapid speed. You can develop enterprise-level mobile apps that can address all future requirements shortly. Classhose India has excellence in using all required and trending blockchain trends and tools to update your application


Blockchain can record every transaction and thus can exclude the possibility of any fabricated information and fraudulent transactions. It will also assist the entrepreneurs in earning the trust of their valuable clients. Blockchain is not restricted to any domain and can manage multiple users in a scalable manner.


You hardly require any password for any verification of the system or transactions. Both the parties (you and your user) just need the SSL certification to make the payments. The network of Blockchain is reviewing everything. Thus, it makes it accessible & visible and further eliminates the potential of being fake.

Protection Of Identity

Most users are generally scared of whether their personal information will be misused. With Blockchain, you can earn the trust of your valuable clients. It provides secret key encryption in addition to cryptography. Thus, makes the work and personal details of the user against any misuse.

Digital Ledgers

Blockchain uses digital ledgers to support the exchange of information in form of blocks safely and privately across networks. When you make changes, it is transferred to the rest of the mechanism in the same machine and simultaneously adjusts and fixes the values.

Our Notable Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Mobile app development consultation

We help the business to understand the technical criticality and help the business to understand the capability to bring transparency and trust

Crypto Wallet Development

Our Blockchain wallet developers specialize in web and mobile crypto wallet development. This includes both custodial and non-custodial wallets

Custom Blockchain Development Services

We are a professional blockchain development company that can create customized blockchain-based solutions for your nay type of business requirements.

Decentralized Exchange

The team at Classhose India can develop robust and hack-proof platforms on mobile and web apps to legalize the exchange of real-time digital currencies.

Ethereum Application Development

Our Ethereum application development team intimately work with large enterprises to build dApps on Ethereum.

Smart Contract Development

We offers smart contract development services for efficient smart contracts with Ethereum, Hyperledger, and more for diverse business applications.

Mining software of BlockchainSmart Contract Development

Our team can develop dashboards for miner performance that offer solutions for a comprehensive architecture and create mining pools with decentralized networks.

Solidity Blockchain Development

Our expert team of Solidity developers is well-versed with Solidity in Blockchain applications – Ethereum, Multichain, Hyperledger, and Bitcoin.

dApp Development

We provide dApp development services that meet our client's high-security needs and provide them with a reliable platform to store data and exchange currencies.

Our Blockchain Development Process

At Classhose India, we incorporate modern practices and employ the best techniques in the process that assures a high-quality blockchain solution.


Identities encryption

Provide the senders and receivers with account details.

Creation of Blocks

Transaction is represented online as blocks.


The nodes validate the blocks and transactions.

Post verification

The transactions are verified and executed.


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Technology Stack That We Use In Blockchain Development

As a best ecommerce development company based on our commitment, integrity, technical knowhow and myriad of verticals served, we believe extending most satisfactory solutions for our clientele in the field of ecommerce web development. Our standalone approach toward harnessing workforce creativity, resource model, and crave for excellence helped us foster the portfolio of unbeatable masterpiece.Classhose India is a full-stack blockchain development company that is adept at employing advanced tools and technologies. We can expedite your business to the decentralized world with full power and exposure. Our experts can handle different sets of components and tools to develop a successful Blockchain app:


Ethereum is a popular framework used in blockchain development stack. And our team has great skills in Ethereum development to build dApps and smart contracts for ranging business needs.


We are an experienced blockchain development company and hold years of hands-on expertise in using Hyperledger. Our certified professionals can meticulously devise suitable tools, frameworks, and libraries for Hyperledger Blockchain Development Services with node orchestration and develop smart contracts.


Do you belong to highly regulated industries? Get Corda Blockchain mobile app development to meet your unique business needs. We develop platforms based on DLT solutions to develop an interoperable network of Blockchain that transacts privately and directly.


Classhose India is a first-rate blockchain application development company. We have helped businesses in building EOS-based Blockchain mobile apps with the most state-of-the-art, Avant-grate, and innovative technologies.


We have certified blockchain developers who perfectly use Hedera to make faster and more secure blockchain applications. Our programmers can assist you to take advantage of this public distributed ledger in creating quality smart contracts and dApps for any business model.


Classhose India offers world-class blockchain development services to startups and enterprises with the best tools. Stellar is one such tool that we use to create secure and robust blockchain applications. Our team is adept at developing mobile wallets, banking tools, and patent systems.

Industries we’re catering to

Our specialization is a building block of many emerging startups, SMEs, & leading agencies who count on us. Being a renowned mobile app development company in India, USA, & UAE, we intend to reshape diversified industries by introducing innovative mobile & web solutions, which areas centuated by a pinch of technology &unbound creativity.