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We Facilitate Full-Cycle Flutter App Development To Cultivate Striking User Experience With The Power Of A Single Code Base With A Blend Of Widgets & Tools.

Significant Pointers To Favour Flutter App Development

  • Flutter offers much more than other modern frameworks used for cross-platform development.
  • Features hot reload option to support rapid, smooth, & customizable development of cross-platform apps.
  • Runs on an exceptional view architecture inspired by React Native style to eliminate the existing hurdles of performance & functionalities.
  • Combined with reactive and attractive widget sets for effortless implementation of each of them for Android as well as iOS.
  • No need to rewrite codes as Flutter goes well with other programming languages like Swift & Objective-C for iOS & Android respectively.
  • Supports multiple packages including Gradle dependencies, accessing sensor, content sharing, HTTP requests, Firebase implementation, & more.

Flutter AppDevelopment Service

Exemplary Pros Of Flutter App Development

Unified Codebase

Flutter adheres to a right thumb rule of “write once & publish anywhere” to compliment the concept of the single codebase. Just like other popular frameworks, Flutter allows using single codebase SDK for agile development.

Rapid Development Speed

Since the process of app development with Flutter enables developers to customize the look & functionality of an app with help of Dart, XML will remain on the sideline resulting in a speedy process.

Flawless Coding

With the implementation of Dart programming language, the framework adds on to secure coding with ultimate accuracy. Flutter stands as the best alternative to come up with eye-striking native app development results.

Hot Reload

Using Flutter for mobile app development takes a lead in terms of reduced complexity & immediate visualization of codes on the screens when changes are being made. In this way, making development & code changes becomes easier & faster.

Easy-To-Use Framework

The major advantage of choosing Flutter for app development over other frameworks is versatility with simplified adoption to write codes & customize beautiful UIs with a bundle of exceptionally optimized animation patterns for 60FPS.

Material Design & Cupertino

Get on the new edge of cross-platform native app development with Flutter’s widget library powered by Google’s Material Design & Apple’s Cupertino for using its single code interface for Android as well as iOS platforms for simplified development process.

Interactive User Interface

Flutter adds appeal to the app’s look by offering options to customize impressive user interface designs for native mobile applications. Our developers build responsive UIs to deliver stunning user experiences on Android & iOS.

Extensive Community Support

Introduced by Google, Flutter continued to gain immense popularity with an extensive user base. Rated with 25k stars on GitHub, Flutter is spreading out its wings with an extensiv community base for cross-platform app development.

Minimalist Testing

Skip the time-taking procedure of quality analysis & testing with Flutter app development as its single codebase functionality doesn’t force you to test app’s performance repeatedly resulting in reduce efforts & time in-app creation.

Unveiling Our Flutter App Development Toolkit

The potentials of Flutter are fuelling up the channels of modern methodologies & techniques for crafting cross-platform apps. Our developers love using this framework that comprises a set of performance driving features for navigation, fonts, page scrolling, & other exclusive add-ons. Along with a bundle of customizable widgets, Flutter for app development allows users to continue with the coding without initiating app building from scratch. At Classhose India, our team of Flutter developers are specialized in developing highly interactive native interfaces to create cross-platform apps using some tools & here are they:


It uses Firebase Firestore Database to store data and generate updated query results in its format.

Visual Studio Code

Flutter developers pick this IDE not only for developing web apps but also for building cross-platform apps. Visual Studio Code comes with integrated Git control & terminal along with a wide plugin system to create Flutter apps with prominent features.

Redux Middleware

Built as an open-source JavaScript library that communicates with third-party APIs or data source. It is a typical app architecture that has been used to create apps with reactive frameworks.


A common dependency injection for Flutter app development. It is a package of user-friendly and lightweight dependency injection library that acts as a standard IOC container.


Runs as a full-fledged Dart package that fuels up the engine that runs Model-View-Update apps using Flutter. Inspired by TEA, it is a significant Dartea library that implies MVU model for Flutter apps.

Android Studio

Google introduced Android Studio as an integrated development environment for its Android operating system and powered by JetBrains IntelliJ Idea software to be used for Flutter Android app development.

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Our Portfolio To Manifest Mastery In App Development

We have innovators at Classhose India who create incredible iPhone apps. Explore our portfolios and then believe in us.


Verkoop app stands as a popular online marketplace for sale & purchase of used items/stuff like cars, furniture, clothes, beauty, & varieties of branded products. The Verkoop app for Android & iOS comprises image recognition & AR features for the incredible online shopping experience. It is a highly secure & user-friendly platform with over 30 million products to meet your needs.


Dirtlej app provides the easiest way to monitor the servicing & maintenance of a bike at one place. The app allows users to add bike details & save setups effortlessly in a few clicks. It’s a useful app for bike owners as they can track their vehicle’s condition on fingertips. Dirtlej is available for both Android & iOS users.

Why Choose Classhose India For Flutter App Development?

We, at Classhose India, possess a team of professional coders with inquisitive minds & outstanding adeptness in Dart programming. Since Flutter is the next-generation technology inspired modern architecture & tools for creating cross-platform native apps, we stand ahead to port this popular framework into fully-fledged Flutter apps with a performance rate of 60fps. Being an award-winning Flutter app development company, Classhose India has been transforming the digital experiences with full-scale mobile app development services for Android as well as iOS platforms. Our clientele grab these perks of availing our Flutter app development services for their business growth:

Signed NDA In Advance

We value our clients’ reliance on us as they’ve chosen us for their dream project. Right from the beginning to delivery of project, we maintain 100% confidentiality with each & every detail & stats shared by the clients.

No-Delay Project Delivery

Our Flutter app developers are trained to progress every project without any delay. Since Flutter framework reduces development time & efforts, our experts take a lead to execute projects to facilitate on-time delivery.

Flexible Engagement Plan

At Classhose India, we work on synchronous working hours to let our clients connect & get familiar to their project progress status regardless of being in distinctive time zones of the global nations.

Dedicated Developers

We’re backed by a team of skilled strategists, programmers, designers, & testers who’re dedicated to deliver quality & perfection with our Flutter app development projects.

24*7 Client Assistance

In case, if you’ve any query & requirements to discuss, connect to our 24*7 customer support team that will revert you at priority & resolve your issues with professionalism.

Quality Guaranteed

Having more than 250 apps delivered, Classhose India is heading to meet the quality standards with coding, testing, & deployment of our solutions to 100% quality assurance on all our projects.

Technical Excellence

We stand out for our technical competency in delivering end-to-end Flutter app development services with top-class expertise in prototyping, UI/UX designing, development, & deployment.

Transparent Work Style

With a smooth communication channel, we maintain transparency and consistency to meet the clients’ requirements. Our clients can freely reach us via Skype, messages, email, calls, or other networks.

Cost-Effective Rate

s We present affordable pricing models to deliver top-quality Flutter app solutions without getting beyond the budget limits. Our cost-effective rates make us a favoured choice to begin with your budget.