The Core Strength Of IOT App Development Solutions

  • Enables businesses to drive rich experiences on top of connected devices.
  • Transforms business models of organizations leveraging on IOT technology.
  • Fosters collaboration among businesses to experiment with new ideas and foster new solutions.
  • Helps enterprise IT teams to keep abreast with latest advancements in technology world.
  • Facilitates energy-optimization capabilities of smart homes connected with IOT devices.
  • Improves potentiality of agriculture with solutions to reduce wastage and boost productivit
  • Real-time experience & interactivity as enhanced by IOT solutions helps educational institutes with enhanced learning experience.

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Benefits Of IOT App Development Solution

Smart Homes & Buildings

Smart residential and commercial buildings have the presence of IoT-assisted devices creating a widestretch environment of advanced resource & energy optimization with IOT-enabled devices like intelligent heating systems and connected CCTV cameras for residential purposes.

Agriculture Reform

Agricultural industry now witnesses revolutions with Agriculture IoT technology delivering intuitive solutions to simplify challenges in farming sectors. With seamless connection between device & sensor, IOT technology assists farmers to mitigate wastage and enhance agrarian productivity.

Healthcare Optimizatio

n The intelligence of the Internet of Things revolutionizes Medical Industry with improved and transformative healthcare operating capabilities. IoT technology has facilitated appointments thus benefiting patients to access to medical attention while helping doctors with better healthcare service.

Educational Reform

IoT Technology serves real-time experience & interactivity for teachers & students thus helping them to experience simplified learning process. IoT-enabled institutions have better learning exposure to make education joyous and accessible for students.

Manufacturing Headway

For manufacturing dimension, IoT is touted as a universal concept. IoT-powered manufacturers witness an average revenue increase of 28.5%. Solutions by IOT technology support companiesto improve supply chain efficiency and inventory management.

earables Solutions

IOT-enabled wearable device are said to have improved lives of 82% American users. The sensors collect and interpret data to inform users with detailed insights into their health status. Such devices are also helpful for personal safety, quick health & fitness tracking.

Real-Time Monitoring

IOT-enabled real-time monitoring helps businesses avoid risks in their business operations. It ensures safety compliance, location track and enhanced workforce productivity. Most of all, the IOT technology reduces the likelihood of human errors, costs, and streamlined the automated tracking process in business.

Data Analytics

Data of user’s behavior and functionality by IOT devices helps management in evaluation of adoptable practices to streamline their operating models, and bridge the gap between customers and organization for sustainable relationship. IoT-collected valuable real-time data facilitates decision-making.

Better Punctuality

The real-time information collected by IoT apps helps companies to improve their timely delivery which further assists them to enhance their customer’s experience. Most important of all, the IoT technology promotes punctuality among the staff & enhanced security to cross-device communication.


The app acts as a nutrition tracker with a long list of features for fitness and weight management. Nutripal is integrated with options to create personalize meal plan & keep a check on calorie intake for improved health. Its iOS version is available on the Apple store.


Verkoop app stands as a popular online marketplace for sale & purchase of used items/stuff like cars, furniture, clothes, beauty, & varieties of branded products. The Verkoop app for Android & iOS comprises image recognition & AR features for the incredible online shopping experience. It is a highly secure & user-friendly platform with over 30 million products to meet your needs.


Dirtlej app provides the easiest way to monitor the servicing & maintenance of a bike at one place. The app allows users to add bike details & save setups effortlessly in a few clicks. It’s a useful app for bike owners as they can track their vehicle’s condition on fingertips. Dirtlej is available for both Android & iOS users.

Popular IOT Development Tools

Despite the intricacy of IOT app development, the growth trajectory of IOT revolutions and IOT-connected devices have inspired IT industries to combine programming and device hardware to build a complex application for IOT solution architecture. A study predicts that companies embracing IOT technology will increase by 2020 from their current numbers of 57%. This is where building IOT apps sounds viable idea, and here some tools for significant IOT development service solution.

Kinomo Create

This tool precludes the need to have extensive knowledge of JavaScript to connect two devices. It is used to develop small IoT applications such as temperature/movement sensors with mobile notifications, connecting light, a synthesizer, a camera trap and an automatic alarm bell.

Eclipse IoT

It is a top tool for building IoT devices, Cloud platforms and Gateways. It is one of the most viable tools to develop, promote and adopt open source IOT technologies, as well as learning great tech expertise. Classhose has vast assembly of IOT app development expertise to cover your IOT needs.


It is an open implementation of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) systems. OpenSCADA tools can be used to develop advanced IOT apps. It supports modern design, debugging, and editing front-end applications, configuration tools and interface applications with security and flexibility.


It is one of the most essential IOT development tools due to having 35,000+ packages and pre-compiled software which facilitates rapid installation. Created mainly for Raspberry Pi board, this IOT tool is considered one of the best ones for having widened the extent of computing for users.


It is an interesting visual tool for writing IOT by allowing programmers to use (integrated) browser-based flow editor for connecting devices, services and APIs together. An open source tool, Node-RED consists of more than 60,000 modules, has user-friendly interface and easy to connect devices.


It allows programmers to port the IDE over Atom editor or use it as a substitute for plug-in installer. With 200+ boards, and a wonderful feature of debugging integration, programmers find this tool quite interactive in its cross-platform IoT development environment.

Why ChooseClasshose As Your IOT App Development Company?

Why Classhose For IOT App Development Solution? Classhose is touted as India’s leading IOT app Development Company that marvels at its increasing reputation and worldwide exposure to industrial prominence. Exceptional level of demonstrated specialization we have showcased in mobile app development services thus creating an impressive portfolio of works accentuating our zeal, passion, technical knowhow and profundity of commitment.

Deep ExpertiseI

We have unbeatable expertise coupled with considerable experience into the field of developing performance-optimized, intelligent and user-interactive mobile apps for top brands and industrial leaders across the world.

On-Time Deliverables

On-time delivery of client-based projects with consistence indulgence to their specifications and intrinsic demands is the essence of our service motto that significantly accentuates our commitment as a brand for IoT application development.

Creativity & Novelty

We're tenacious in our approach to develop highly intelligent IoT apps that serve your business symmetrical to your expectations. Our consistent approach and out of the box ideas yield solid groundwork for exceptionality in our niche.

Privacy To Rights

We ensure utmost and unbreachable privacy to your projects and confidential data associated in process of their completion. We ensure implementation of iron-clad secrecy to every bit of information tied to your projects.

Free App Maintenance

Post working on your apps and their subsequent release, we offer you one year free maintenance on your applications which come in as a guaranteed upkeep for one year as an extension to our zeal for our association.

Highly Process Oriented

Our service mechanism has distinctive process that we dedicate to every project together with maintaining a holistic, tenacious approach to the entire cycle of projects completion. This ensures error-free completion of your projects.

Customer Satisfaction

We spare no pains from brainstorming innovative ideas and designing, implementing the same and completing your projects within the promised deadline, just to ensure customer satisfaction is met and sustainable without a fail.

Approval On App Stores

Our unbeatable expertise in apps development has qualified us to develop features-loaded app solutions with guaranteed approval on Google Store and Apple store. We have compliances consistent with the guidelines of these app stores.

Quality Uncompromised

Application products we devise and build go through rigorous and meticulous quality testing phase as carried out by our skilled and experienced testing engineers, just to ensure no room for snags with all quality parameters being fulfilled.

Industries we’re catering to

Our specialization is a building block of many emerging startups, SMEs, & leading agencies who count on us. Being a renowned mobile app development company in India, USA, & UAE, we intend to reshape diversified industries by introducing innovative mobile & web solutions, which areas centuated by a pinch of technology &unbound creativity.