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Notable Features Of React Native App Development

  • It allows 90% code reusability for creating mobile apps for both iOS & Android platforms.
  • In React Native app development, developers can build enclosed UI elements using JavaScript and integrate them to create highly dynamic user interface designs.
  • Offers an all-inclusive ecosystem to craft powerful mobile apps with zero dependency on other tools & technologies.
  • Shares push updates directly on the user's app without awaiting a response for app store approvals.
  • React Native combines with other tools & components which are based on common programming languages like Java, Swift, and Objective-C.
  • React native app development brings allows developers to build stable mobile apps due to its single codebase with reusability feature.

React NativeDevelopment Service

Core Benefits Of React Native App Development

Open Source

Being an open-source framework by Facebook, React Native is available for free. It comes with a plethora of exemplary features & libraries enabling developers to leverage them in APIs with zero operability issues.

Code Reusability

React Native allows good code reusability for both web and mobile app development. As an experienced React Native app development company, we know how to best utilize this feature to reduce your costs and efforts in your app project.

Cross-Platform Support

One of the best advantages of React Native app development services is that it allows you to make a mobile app for all OS platforms including Android and iOS. It uses a single codebase that reduces time & development.

Easy To Learn

The majority of developers go for React Native app development for creating cross-platform apps. Since it comes with intuitive native UI elements and platform-centric design patterns, and elements, developers with knowledge of JavaScript use it for app creation.

Hot & Live Reload

One of the top benefits of React Native development is it enables developers to view the results promptly after making changes in codes. Even a minor change in code made by developers will get visible with significant results on the screen.

Better Synchronicity

React Native is a powerful cross-platform app development framework that offers better synchronicity. And, as the best React Native development company, we use this feature to build apps that resonate with different mobile devices.

Robust Architecture

React Native uses JavaScript components with the integration of Android & iOS elements. And therefore, this cross-platform development framework gains dominance for matching the coding standards and powerful UX architecture.

Live Reload

The primary pro of React Native app development enables developers to view the results promptly after making changes in codes. Even a minor change in code made by developers will get visible with significant results on the screen.

Great Efficiency

React Native is a JavaScript-based cross-platform app development framework that gives great efficiency in the development process. It enables react native app development company to efficiently use the resources and create quality apps.

React Native Development Teach Stack That We Master

React Native is a robust and highly beneficial mobile app development framework that allows developers to build mobile apps with a single codebase for all OS platforms. It is a JavaScript library by which you can create high-performing mobile apps for Android and iPhones. And our developers and engineers at Classhose India hold years of hands-experience in using this technology along with additional tools to create result-oriented mobile applications. Our great expertise in this technology has helped us establish ourselves as a top React Native development company around the globe. We have a big team that can use React Native with AI, AR/VR, Wearable, and other technologies to build any kind of mobile app that your business need.


It is an open-source tool for creating UI components. Storybook presents an extensive frontend workshop environment to design, develop, & arrange UI elements without juggling with data & business logic.


This full-featured toolkit is helpful for HTML5 app developers. Licensed under an Apache-style license, this tool is estimated to be used by nearly 66% of all web servers. It allows users to generate a certificate signing request. You can also build an iOS app from a Windows machine or other OS.


A brilliant tool to create cross-platform mobile apps without scripting. With over 200 integrations, Bitrise brings a collection of tools to support automation for developing mobile apps for iOS, Android, Flutter, & other technologies.

Redux And Redux-Saga

One of the most used React Native app development tools, Redux acts as a time-traveling debugger & provides live code editing. This tool is used to create apps that support the front-end as well as native platform.


The latest technology in the industry and most used open-source tool chain by React Native developers, Expo comes up with a long list of features involving documentation, community forums, SDK library, native APIs, & much more.


This JavaScript tool is available for free and designed for testing apps. Released by Airbnb in 2015, Enzyme makes it simple to integrate React Native elements with inclusion of intuitive APIs.

Our Recognition As A Top React Native App Development Company

Our Portfolio To Manifest Mastery In App Development

We have innovators at Classhose India who create incredible iPhone apps. Explore our portfolios and then believe in us.


Verkoop app stands as a popular online marketplace for sale & purchase of used items/stuff like cars, furniture, clothes, beauty, & varieties of branded products. The Verkoop app for Android & iOS comprises image recognition & AR features for the incredible online shopping experience. It is a highly secure & user-friendly platform with over 30 million products to meet your needs.


Dirtlej app provides the easiest way to monitor the servicing & maintenance of a bike at one place. The app allows users to add bike details & save setups effortlessly in a few clicks. It’s a useful app for bike owners as they can track their vehicle’s condition on fingertips. Dirtlej is available for both Android & iOS users.

What Makes Us A Reliable React Native App Development Company?

Classhose India has been working for more than 7 years in the mobile app development industry and assisting business people to drive maximum value from the available technologies. We generate the most out of React Native's capabilities to design an excellent mobile app that performs flawlessly on iOS and Android platforms. By using React Native, we have delivered top-performing and secure mobile apps that have left big impressions on users through brilliant qualities. It is because we integrate the power of the human-centric design experience with the power of React Native platform. Our React native app development services are infused with innovation and strict quality assurance along with the following benefits.

Full-Stack Services

Being one of the fastest emerging market leaders in the mobile app development sector, Classhose India holds specialization in serving end-to-end solutions across platforms. Right from ideation to designing, development, testing & deployment, we take a lead as a trusted React Native app development company to drive the wheels of your business success.

NDA Protected

We have a strict non-disclosure agreement to ensure the secrecy of confidential data or any information shared by our clients. We value when our clients trust us and this inspires us to serve you the best. With Classhose India, all of your project-related stats & data remain secure & safe per NDA.

Brilliant Developers

We have a team of the best React Native developers who push their limits to reach the utmost level of perfection, quality, & professionalism with our custom native app solutions using React Native for Android, iOS, and other popular platforms. Our strategists, UI/UX designers, programmers, testers, & app support experts work in sync for successful React Native app development.

App Maintenance & Support

From building apps from scratch to deploying it on the respective app store, our services are extended to facilitating app maintenance & support on all our projects. Our experts make use of tools like CodePush to work on regular updates of React Native apps without getting indulged into submission process of an app store.

Quality Assurance With On-Time Delivery

Our coders are highly skilled at developing business-centric applications optimized by a blend of innovative ideas & technologies. Quality is priority & we make all possible efforts to adhere to it. We bring a competitive pricing model to match your budget.

Client Satisfaction

We’re exceptionally disciplined & focused on client satisfaction. Our determination & hands-on experience in AngularJs development boost our endeavours to stay on a definitive approach to meet our clients’ expectations and meet their expectations with zero errors.

Smart Coding Approach

Our smart coding strategies imbibe clean coding to exemplify the ease to understand the codes for the clients. We intend to make it incredibly effortless to synchronize with the codes whenever it is required by the client-side.

Worldwide Presence

We’re unstoppable as no boundaries could slow down our market reach in the global digital industry. We hold clientele across the worldwide nations and it is our goal to stretch out presence across the global corners. We're all set to rule the industry.

Flexible Working Hours

Join hands with Classhose India team to get your project done without facing any hassle due to distinctive time zones. Our working hours are flexible as per our clients’ availability and they can approach us whenever they feel a need to. To know the project status, our clients can talk to our experts on Skype, email, or other software shared to assist customers.